Longest Running Track Races

This section is an attempt to list all track races world-wide that have been held 50 or more times (meetings). It is based on the best information available to ADR but is undoubtably missing some races and may not have credited all meetings to the races listed. In some cases, it is difficult to trace a "race" through changes in organizing groups, venues, and other glitches in the series. In such cases, an effort has been made to maintain some measure of constancy in the series. Distances reflect the most recent distance/s for a series as these have often changed over the years.

Race dates and male/female winners/times for each race listed are sought. When a sufficiently informative set of winners has been collected, that race is added to the website. You can view the dates/winners for each race so profiled by clicking on the name of the race in the following list. If the name of the race is NOT underlined, then it has not been profiled yet. The last two columns are the number of dates and winners missing (profiled races only).

126  Grampians Stakes 3200m               Stawell AUS              OT  Apr   1886-96,1898-1941,1946-2016            0   0
122  California vs Stanford               Palo Alto CA/USA         OT  May   thru 2016, quite incomplete
 73  UCLA vs USC Dual Meet                Los Angeles CA/USA       OT  Apr   thru 2006, quite incomplete
 65  Weltklasse Zurich                    Zurich SUI               OT  Aug   1928/2015y                             0   0
 65  Hyogo Relays (10000m)                Kobe JPN                 OT  Apr   1952-2016                             17  17
 62  ISTAF                                Berlin GER               OT  Sep+  1937/2016y                            15   0
 60  Janusz Kusocinski Memorial           (various) POL            OT  Jun   1954-62,1964-2014                      1   0
 57  Drake Relays (5000m)                 Des Moines IA/USA        OT  Apr   1960-2016                             21   2
 56  Znamensky Memorial                   (various) RUS            OT  Jul   1958-2011,2014-15                      5  10
 56  Zatopek Classic 10000m               Melbourne AUS            OT  Dec   1961-2016                              0   0
 54  Self Transcendence 24Hr              London ENG               OT  Oct   1952/2015y                             0   0
 53  Kansas Relays 5000m                  Lawrence KS/USA          OT  Apr   1960-97,2000-14                       32   0
 52  Kansas Relays 10000m                 Lawrence KS/USA          OT  Apr   1961-97,2000-14                       32   0
 52  Palio della Quercia                  Rovereto ITA             OT  Sep   1965-2016                              7   7
 51  Dagens Nyheter Galan                 Stockholm SWE            OT  Jul   1963,1965-2014                         0   0
 51  Drake Relays (10000m)                Des Moines IA/USA        OT  Apr   1966-2016                             22   0

Notes: Ties are resolved in order of the date for the next meeting with inactive races following in reverse order of the most recent meeting. Series without a distance designation include all races 3000m to 10000m as the particular distance or distances contested each year changes.

OT => outdoor track, typically 400m or 440yd
IT => indoor track (entire track undercover), may be up to 400m but typically 200m or less

c => this race series may continue after the last year given
e => this race series may extend earlier than the inaugural year listed
+ => this race has been held at other times of the year, month given reflects the most recent running
t =>  indicates number of times that are missing; the winners list is complete

y => the  Self Transcendence (ENG) races were held 1952-57,1959-74,1976-79,1981-82,1984,1989-2000,2002-2011
y => distance races at the ISTAF meeting (GER) were held 1937,1939,1941-42,1949,1952-54,1956-67,1969-71,1974-2006,2008-10,2014-date
y => distance races at the Weltklasse Zurich (SUI) were held 1928,1935,1939,1946-47,1949,1951-52,1957-63,1965-70,1972-date

Complete winners/dates/times list for 5 races
Complete winners list for 9 races
Web pages for 13 races

Last Updated on 12 Dec 2016