Meta Analyses

The analyses in this section relate to the database itself, providing information as to the quantity and quality of the information contained in the ADR database. Because of discontinuities in data collection, one should not interpret analyses presented in this section as reflecting the details of year-to-year changes in distance running world-wide but rather reflect general trends. Certainly the numbers of performances qualifying for inclusion in the ADR database has grown since the 1970's, however the factor is not as large as might be inferred from these analyses since coverage has tended to improve in recent years.

Current Statistics







Runners- qualified by time


Runners- other
Notes: The count of performances and races includes grand prix standings, splits, qualifying heats, and stage races. The runners qualified by time represent those that have achieved at least one of the ARRS time standards. Other runners include marathon winners, veterans under the qualifying standards for their age group, and runners who have won a single prize purse of US$1000 or more, that are not otherwise qualified by time.

Most Performances by Individuals 
726  Petra Kaminkova (CZE)                     15 Apr 2017
659  Laura Ricci (ITA)                         23 Apr 2017
648  Tana Metelkova (CZE)                      16 Apr 2017
584  Gloria Marconi (ITA)                      02 Apr 2017
570  Fabiola Oppliger Rueda (COL=>SUI)         23 Apr 2017
515  Frantisek Pechek (CZE)                    31 Dec 2016
503  Nadezhda Wijenberg (RUS=>NED)             28 Jun 2015
493  Giorgio Calcaterra (ITA)                  08 Apr 2017
475  Birgit Lennartz (GER)                     27 Nov 2016
454  Bill Rodgers (USA)                        02 Apr 2017
439  Marija Vrajic (CRO)                       26 Mar 2017
418  Philemon Kipkering Metto (KEN)            26 Jun 2011
416  Jonathan Wyatt (NZL)                      06 Nov 2016
413  Miroslav Vitek (CZE)                      09 Apr 2017
399  Aniko Kalovics (HUN)                      01 Apr 2017
394  Simona Staicu (HUN)                       09 Apr 2017                        
391  Laura Fogli (ITA)                         27 Sep 2015
391  Stefan VanDenBroek (BEL)                  02 Apr 2017
389  Miroslav Vanko (SVK)                      23 Apr 2017
385  Joan Benoit-Samuelson (USA)               02 Apr 2017

Note: Dates represent the most recent performance in the database.

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Count of Performances by Nation

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Performances by Venue

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